Tommy's Adventures

Monday, September 28, 2009

California Here we Come! Sept. 2009

We got to enjoy the wonderful CA weather and the beaches.  We also got to see our uncle Tim, Ama and Papa, and extended family from the Larson side and Grandma and Grandpa Larson. One of the greatest hightlights was the boardwalk in San Cruz, we got to go on lots of rides and enjoyed fries and hot dogs!

Thomas' first day of Pre-Kind. Aug, 12-2009

Today was Thomas' first day of school.  We got all dressed nice for his first day of school.  He is really having a blast and loves playing with all his friends.  I can't believe school has already started, it had seemed years away and now I actually miss his energy!---

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ella's 2nd Birthday!

We enjoyed Ella's second birthday with our family at home. Thomas and I made strawberry cupcakes and a dinner with her favorite meal of sausage, french fries, and salad! We got her a wooden high chair. She actually spent the first few days sitting in it herself. Yes, she is that small!

Memories with MIMI summer 2009

We had fun with Grandma Mimi going to COMO park in Byron, MN.  We had to buy sweatshirts because it was only 60 some degrees.  We were frezzing as we came from 110 degree weather.  


We have had many cousins getting married this year and we were able to make my cousin Teri's wedding. It was a beautiful day and wedding in the twin cities, mn.
We enjoyed cathcing up with family and enjoyed the cool weather. Thomas is also into legos and we went to the Mall of America and he got starwars legos and Daddy is always so great to help put them togeather!


Cubbies! May 2009

Thomas completed his first year of CUBBIES!  He had fun learning more about Jesus and memorizing bible verses!

Monster Hands! 2009

Ella 's new favorite activity in the car

Aunt Lori! Spring of 2009

Thomas still loves dressing up! My aunt Lori came to visit with her girlfriends from college.   I can't believe I use to take care of my cousins and now I am taking care of my own children!  Time flies.  We enjoyed breakfast at the FARM.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

2009 Fun Days!

Thomas and Ella still enjoy playing together, dressing up is one of their favorite things to do, as well as dolls and pirates!

Christmas 2008!

We enjoyed a Pre-Christmas in MN and WI with lots of snow, but forgot my camera to show our snowy expedition.  We also enjoyed a
warm Christmas in Arizona!

Thomas's 4th Birthday at the Train Park!

We had a blast at the train park we had lots of friends join the special day!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

California Trip!

Tommy, Ella, Bryan, and I got out of the heat and visited in-laws in California. Tommy went 3 days with Ama and Pa Pa all by himself, he did great!  When we all arrived we enjoyed strawberry picking, visiting family, enjoying the park, and of course the beach.  Extra bonus was that Rochelle got to see her  wonderful friend Sarah and her beautiful children, the trip was a wonderful time with family and friends!

Ella's first Birthday!

Ella had many celebrations, she enjoyed her first birthday with Mimi, then her family, and finally with friends.  Each time the thing she enjoyed the most was her cake!  The pictures tell all.

Reunited with College Friend!

Tommy loved meeting my great friend Wendy from College, she just adored my children, by reading to them and swimming at the resort she stayed at. We enjoyed the time we got to have with her.

Tommy and Ella are Super!

Ella continues to love her brother, who makes her laugh, as she adores him and wants to play right along with him, today it was Super hero's.

Father's Day 2008!

We celebrated the best father and husband with a wonderful breakfast and church. Bryan spent A special time with Tommy as they went to a DaimondBacks Game with some friends.

Visti from Aunt Denise and Cousin Dalton!

Thomas and Ella loved having family visit.  We enjoyed the zoo, hanging out, swimming, railroad park, and lots of playing toys.  

4th July Trip to Cottonwood, AZ

We enjoyed wonderful fireworks and cool weather in Northern, Az, the kids were great and loved the 80 degree weather.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Little Lady Bug

Just Having Fun!

Dress Up

Loving to Play dress up with his best friend!

Nemo on Ice

Tommy and Dillon at their first play, they loved Nemo! They were intrigued the whole time.